Cider Nerd is project of passion for me. Hard cider is my favorite thing to drink, and I love trying as many new ciders as possible. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2011, and that move immediately made hundreds of different ciders available to me. I was trying new ciders almost on a daily basis at one point.

This specific project started with my personal Google spreadsheet where I recorded every cider I tried and gave them a rating. That spreadsheet has almost 400 different ciders on it at this point, and is still growing at a rapid pace.

Since Cider Nerd is very new and under active development, there are a lot of features missing. I know. I'm working hard to add new features all the time and make the site look and function great. I have big plans for Cider Nerd. While features are missing I would love to hear from you about what you would like to see most on Cider Nerd.

I really hope this project hits home for cider lovers. My goal is to make it "the Yelp of hard cider".